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This works fine, as long as we just "view" the data. Well, you'll just have to go through the controls collection of each cell to get a reference to the controls placed inside it. when you don't use the data source controls those collections aren't filled...that's thw way it is...unfortunatelly, that is... I suppose it would be possible to extend the Grid View control and write methods that fill the collections manually... Maybe it will be something they add before the release date... However, a recent project I worked on required a few other extensions of the Grid View control (multi-row editing, expanding rows, etc.) so while I was writing my extension I hacked together some code to extract values from a row; it's not very pretty, but it does the job in most cases.When we do an update and catch the event: void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) we thought we could get the values from the New Values collection of the Grid View Update Event Args e. (When you use a data source, the collection is filled with the new data). So all I want to do is this simple thing: ---- Hi, I have now the same problem. And I want to update my dataset whenever the user wants to change the values shown in the gridview. for instance, if you've got a textbox on the 1st column, then you'll have to do something like this to get its text; ((Text Biox)grid. For Bound Fields I just grabbed the Data Field property and used that as the key in the returned dictionary, but for Template Fields I didn't have that option so I just used the Sort Expression property (which means when implementing the grid, you'll have to specify the Sort Expression for your Template Fields even if sorting isn't enabled; if you don't it just creates a key called "Key X", where 'X' is the column number).I tried hard to use one of the Data Source objects to update a Data Set, but was not able to do this. Text where e is the eventargs parameter passed to the updating event. Well, you'll just have to go through the controls collection of each cell to get a reference to the controls placed inside it. What I'm trying to understand is why the New Values/Old Values/Keys properties of the Event Args parameter are populated when using one of the built in data sources, but not when manually binding a Data Set to the Grid View. well, it's just one of the things that stop working when you don't use the data source controls.

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For more information see Generating Commands with Command Builders. After a row updates successfully, the changes to that row are accepted.as you see in this code i was update the dataset ds at Button1_Click and i want to update the changes made on that dataset to the database. if i wrote it at the Button1_Click it is work but when i put exactly the same code at Unnamed1_Click it is not working and i dont know why! Handle the Selecting event of the object data source and assign the value(s) in the event args that will be passed into the Get The Data Set() method, which should hit your data layer and get the data back to the grid.

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When you concatenating two sql strings, you better add space at the end of first string or at the beginning of second string.An application can call the Get Changes method in situations where you must control the sequence of statement types (for example, INSERTs before UPDATEs).