Carbon dating of ram setu

24-Oct-2016 12:43

The Islamic legends state that it was used by Adam to traverse the route to Adams Peak in Sri Lanka to repent for 1000 years, during which he kept standing on one foot.This perhaps explains the large footprint hollow you can find on the Peak.However, a State or Government of India should not go ahead and stop sending rockets into space because it hurts an aunt’s sentiments.The beginning of the Holocene (post last ice age) is now universally accepted to be around 12000 BP.Because it is believed to have been built by Sri Ram on his way to Sri Lanka, a recent report by the Archaeological Survey of India, stating that the Ram Sethu is a natural formation and that there is no scientific evidence of the existence of Ram has ignited a controversy.

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Earlier there used to be a regular ferry service between Talaimannar of Sri Lanka and Rameswaram of India, which is currently withheld due to the continuing civil disorder within Lanka.

For example: Multi-disciplinary scientific research reports, prepared during last three- four decades by making use of such scientific tools and techniques, were used for dating the events narrated in Valmiki Ramayan and resuts were amazing! Moon near the star Punar vasu (Pollux) in Gemini Constellation. This data was entered into the ‘Planetarium Gold’ software, the results indicated that this was exactly the location of planets/stars vis-à-vis zodiac constellations on the 10th of January noon time in the year 5114 BC if viewed from latitude/longitude of Ayodhya (25°N 81°E). By making use of software to convert solar calendar into lunar calendar, it was found that this date also happened to be the 9th day of Shukla Paksha in ‘Chaitra’ month and the time was around 12 to 1 noontime.

Sri Lanka may not be an Island nation after all a chain of limestone shoals called Ram Setu or Pamban Bridge remains faint evidence to the former land connection between the Mannar islands of northwestern Sri Lanka and Rameswaram in the Indian southwestern coast.

Also, most people believe that Buddha existed and that he actually lived.

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Most people in the world believe that Mohammed Prophet, Alexander, Asoka existed and lived on this planet, in flesh and blood and not as mere fantasy of a book writer.Such northward migration continued for several centuries and finally when these people from south India reached the banks of Himalayan Rivers, they got climatic conditions conducive to long term development of civilization on the banks of these rivers providing security of water, food and shelter for a very long time.

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